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What I can help with

gut health


Coeliac disease




Food intolerances



Weight management

Thyroid issues









Menstruation problems


Low libido


Skin conditions

1:1 Consultations

All services are conveniently delivered via telehealth, allowing you to receive expert healthcare from the comfort of your home.

Private Health Insurance Rebate: As an accredited nutritionist, my services are eligible for claims through private health insurance. Coverage may vary depending on your health insurer and your specific level of cover. It is recommended to check with your insurer for details on your entitlements.


complimentary consultation

15 minutes

$ free

The complimentary consultation allows us to get to know each other and ensure that we are the correct fit to support you with your health. We will chat about your current health concerns, health goals and the best options to get you there. If I am not the practitioner to get you there, I'll do my best to refer you on. 
Already know that I'm the right person for you? Head straight to booking in an initial consultation.

initial consultation
70 minutes
$ 160

The initial consultation includes a holistic and comprehensive health assessment where we discuss your presenting health complaints and the factors that may be contributing to your current symptoms like diet, lifestyle, mindset, medical history and family history with the intention of unearthing the root cause, in order to treat from there. We work together to establish your health goals and discuss sustainable and practical ways in which you can achieve these.

Your individualised treatment plan will include:

  • Dietary and lifestyle focuses

  • Targeted supplementation prescription

  • Referral for further investigations e.g., functional gut testing, pathology testing, hormone testing

We always discuss what is feasible for you at this time and there is a lot we can do before considering supplementation and testing. Your treatment plan will be emailed to you within 48 hours of your appointment.

follow up consultation
40 minutes
$ 110

Follow-up consultations are an opportunity for ongoing support, progress tracking, adjustment of the treatment plan, review of test result and ongoing education. They also provide you with a vital checkpoint for accountability.

Feeling committed?

save yourself some money in the long-run with a value package

Fix my gut !

  • 1 x initial consultation

  • 4 x follow-up consultations

  • Complete microbiome mapping gut test ($420 value)

  • Access to discounted practitioner-only supplements​


Save $60

3 month health reset

  • 1 x initial consultation

  • 3 x follow-up consultations

  • Access to discounted practitioner-only supplements


Save $50

6 month health overhaul

  • 1 x initial consultations

  • 7 x follow-up consultations

  • Access to discounted practitioner-only supplements


Save $90

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