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Clinical Nutritionist and Exercise Scientist, passionate about helping you to feel your best 

My path as a nutritionist was sparked by my passion to empower people to take charge of their own health, after doing so for myself.

We live in a society where that power seems to have been forgotten. Where individuals place their health in the hands of someone else. I assist my clients to take back that power through teaching them how to implement sustainable changes to make their health an asset to their life instead of a burden.

After completing my first degree in Exercise and Health Science and seeing the limited impact that exercise alone can have on an individuals health, I decided to embark on a second university degree in Nutritional Medicine. I am fascinated by the human body and the profound impact that small and sustainable changes, along with a shift in mindset, can have on an individuals current and future state of health.

I take a holistic and practical approach to assisting my clients and acknowledge the intricate way that the body functions. I have a strong focus on client education and partner with my clients to ensure necessary changes integrate with their life demands.

No matter where you are on your journey, I'll meet you there and support you on your way to better health.

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What you put into your body is the greatest determinant of your health

- Me

I grew up in an Aussie household in the 90s, eating for taste and convenience over health. I want to be clear, I am incredibly grateful to my parents for feeding me to the best of their knowledge and ability. As it goes, my childhood diet led to excess weight, poor gut health, near continuous tonsilitis and subsequent antibiotic treatment.


In my early teens I was exhausted, anxious, and unhappy with my appearance, so I decided to make some changes. Flash forward to my early 20's and I was obsessed with 'health' and my appearance. I was eating low calorie foods, my digestion was inconsistent, I was hungry and thinking about food all the time and intensely exercising 2-3 times a day. 

I was drawn to learn more about what 'healthy' eating really meant as it was clearly not what I originally thought. This journey is a blessing as it has led me to my life's purpose. After studying the ins and outs of nutritional medicine and exercise science for years I have expanded my knowledge and have seen the healing powers of food and considered movement in myself and my clients. Food can absolutely be used as medicine to heal the body. After all, every single cell in your body is made from the fuel you put in (food!)


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Book in for a 15 minute complimentary consultation. We will chat about your current health concerns, health goals and the best options to get you there. If I am not the right practitioner for you, I'll do my best to refer you on.

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Laura Buckley Holistic Clinical Nutritionist

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